Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We solve all your doubts about digital certificates and electronic signatures

Time stamping

What is time stamping?

It is a method to prove that a data set existed before a given time and that none of this data has been modified since then.

What is the qualified time stamp?

A qualified time stamp is the stamp generated with a digital time stamp certificate issued by Trusted Service Providers accredited and supervised by competent bodies. In Spain it is the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism as is Uanataca. The eIDAS accreditation in the countries of the European Union for the issuance of qualified time stamps is based on compliance with the ETSI EN 319 401 and ETSI EN 319 421 standards. The qualified time stamp provides added value to the use of the signature electronic, since this alone does not provide accurate information on when it was created. For this, it is advisable to issue a stamp or timestamp provided by a trusted third party, a Qualified Time Stamping Authority

What legal evidence does the time stamp provide?

Time stamping is used to generate temporary legal evidence. Ensuring that electronic transactions occurred at a specific time, that documents or data existed at a specific time and that they have not been modified after.

In what processes can I use the time stamping service?

In all the processes of the organisation where it is necessary to generate evidence of when something has happened or existed. Some of the sector cases are:

  • Banking and Fintech: Electronic sealing of transactions, certifications, opening of bank accounts, consumer loans, credit conditions, financial products
  • Professional associations: Time stamp on certifications
  • Insurance: Time stamp on insurance policies
  • Telecommunications: Time stamp on line registration contracts, SIM card allocation
  • Health: Time stamp in medical history and electronic prescription, analysis reports and medical results
How do I know how much I have consumed in a period of time?

Through a web application that Uanataca puts at your disposal, you will be able to know at all times and in real time the amount of transactions that you have carried out.

How does the billing service work?

Pre payment: By buying in bulk, you will pay in advance based on the amount purchased.
Post payment:/b> The amount you have consumed is counted on the last day of each month and will be invoiced over the past month.

We need to integrate time stamping in the applications we develop for our clients. Do you have favorable price price list to integrators?

Yes, we have a special offer for those integrators who wish to implement the service in their applications. We give you fast and personalised support so that integration is easy and fast.

We are service distributors. Does Uanataca have a distributor rate?

Yes, we have a rate of distributors who wish to resell the service. Contact us for more information.

Can I try the service before hiring it?

Yes, get in touch with us, we will create you a test user and give you the tools so you can try it.

How do I hire the service?

Contact our sales department by calling us at +34 935 272 290 or by email, indicate your needs and we will make a personalized offer to you at the moment.

How can I implement the time stamp service?

Once the service is contracted, Uanataca will send you all the instructions and give you the necessary support to integrate it into your business processes.

I have some doubts about the service. Who can I talk to to solve them?

Call us at +34 935 272 290 or contact us via email Depending on the doubt, the sales, the technician or the operations team will answer you.