Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We solve all your doubts about digital certificates and electronic signatures

Bulk signature

What is the bulk signature service?

It is the Uanataca service for the electronic signature of large quantities of any type of document or transaction guaranteeing its integrity and authenticity. To use it you can do it in two ways, using a desktop application that indicates the signature format, the digital certificate to be used, the location of the documents to be signed and the location of the signed documents. The second is through a simple integration with a high-level API that will allow you to integrate the service into your own applications. You will not need to buy or maintain or update electronic signature systems or applications. You will only pay for what you consume. If you are going to make less than 10 million signatures a year, it will be very profitable.

In what processes can I use the bulk signature service?

In all the processes of the organisation where it is necessary to provide identity and integrity to the documents that are sent or that are conserved, by legal compliance, to replace the handwritten signature by the electronic, by internal guarantees or by the need to generate electronic evidence to future. Some of the sector cases are:

  • Companies: Electronic invoicing, orders to suppliers, delivery notes, publication of reports
  • Banking and Fintech: Signing of transactions, certifications, opening of bank accounts, signing of consumer loans, credit conditions, signing of financial products
  • Professional associations: Signature of certifications
  • Insurance: Signature of insurance policies
  • Telecommunications: Signing of the line registration contract, signature of SIM card assignment
  • Health: Signature of medical history and electronic prescription, signature of analysis reports and medical results
What electronic signature formats does the bulk signature service allow me?

The service allows you to make qualified electronic signatures in multiple formats and depending on the type of document you need to sign.

  • PDF documents: Electronic signature (PAdES-BES), Electronic signature with time stamp (PAdES-T), Long-term electronic signature (PAdES-LTV)
  • XML
Where is it stored and what certificate do I need for the automated signature?

The automated signature service requires a digital certificate. For this, Uanataca issues the digital certificate (of person or electronic seal) in the SignCloud centralisation system, always guaranteeing the user exclusive control of their private key.

How many bulk signatures can I make per minute?

The service offers high performance configurable by customer. The infrastructure is currently configured to achieve a maximum performance of 36,000 signatures per minute and user.

How do I know how many automated signatures I have made in a period of time?

Through a web application that Uanataca puts at your disposal, you will be able to know at all times and in real time the amount of electronic signature that you have made.

How does billing of the service work?

Pre payment: By buying in bulk, you will pay in advance based on the amount purchased.
Post payment: The amount you have consumed is counted on the last day of each month and will be invoiced over the past month.

We need to integrate electronic signature in the applications we develop for our clients. Do you have favorable price rates for integrators?

Yes, we have a special offer for those integrators who wish to implement the electronic signature in their applications. We give you fast and personalised support so that integration is easy and fast.

We are distributors of services. Does Uanataca have a distributor price list?

Yes, we have a price list for distributors who wish to resell our services. Contact our sales department by calling us at +34 935 272 290 or via email

Can I try the bulk signature service before hiring it?

Yes, contact us on the phone +34 935 272 290 or through the email We will create you a test user and give you the necessary tools so you can try it.

How do I hire the bulk signature service?

Contact our sales department by calling us at +34 935 272 290 or by email, indicate your needs and we will make a personalised offer to you at the moment.

How can I implement the bulk signature service?

Once the service is contracted, Uanataca will send you all the instructions and will give you the necessary support to integrate the automated signature into your business processes.

I have some doubts about the service. Who can I talk to to solve them?

Call us at +34 935 272 290 or contact us via email Depending on the doubt, the sales, the technician or the operations team will answer you.