Modern PKI as a service

Modern PKI as a service

All the benefits of your own PKI without worries or investment.

What is a Public Key Infrastructure or PKI?
What is a Public Key Infrastructure or PKI?

What is a Public Key Infrastructure or PKI?

A public key infrastructure, better known by its acronym in English PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), to issue and manage the entire digital certificate life cycle. Digital certificates are identification credentials that are issued to natural persons, legal entities or services. Learn the details of PKI technology.

The Modern PKI service of Uanataca allows to have a PKI using the Uanataca hardware and software infrastructure, including technological services, consulting on business processes, procedures, human resources, legal and security. Without direct costs of technology or maintenance, solely taking care of your business, you can have a complete PKI with the most state-of-the-art technology in security, availability, performance, functionalities, services and compliance with regulations and standards.

Modern PKI as a service, a new approach to enhance digital transformation

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • No technological obsolescence

  • No hosting worries

  • Guaranteed service continuity

  • Reduced costs. Payment per use

  • Fast time-to-market

  • PKI closed or open

  • Accreditation of the Modern PKI aaS

Phases of the Service. How does it work?

In Uanataca we make it easy for you, we take care of the whole process, so you can get the most out of the services from day one.

  • 1

    360º Consulting

  • 2

    Documentation and process design

  • 3

    Key generation ceremony

  • 4

    Customisation according to business model needs

  • 5

    Accreditation as a trusted third party

  • 6

    Production and start of operations of the contracted services

What does the PKI Hosting service include?

  • Legal and compliance analysis

    Legal and compliance analysis

  • Business analysis

    Business analysis

  • Technological Analysis

    Technological Analysis

  • Process analysis

    Process analysis

Software modules
  • Certification Authority

    Certification Authority

  • Registration Authority

    Registration Authority

  • Validation Authority

    Validation Authority

  • Time Stamping Authority

    Time Stamping Authority

  • Centralised Custody of Keys

    Centralised Custody of Keys

  • Electronic signature

    Electronic signature

Uanataca's Guarantees

  • Comfortable

    At Uanataca we make it easy for you to take advantage of our service from day one, with no investment costs or high service fees.

  • Easy to integrate
    Easy to integrate

    A powerful high-level API to integrate the issuance of digital certificates and the electronic signature in flows and processes of your company to advance in the digital transformation.

  • Insurance

    With our service, you can remain stress free because your documents will have the utmost confidentiality, security guarantees and protection thanks to the integrated and audited services under the European eIDAS regulation and the ISO27001 standard.

  • Legal

    Uanataca is a Qualified Trust Services Provider in accordance with European Union Regulation No 910/2014 regarding electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (eIDAS).

How to start?

How to start?

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