The keys of the qualified electronic signature

The keys of the qualified electronic signature

The essential tool to implement the digital transformation in your company

What is the qualified electronic signature? What is the qualified electronic signature?

What is the qualified electronic signature?

The qualified electronic signature offers the highest level of security, and consequently the maximum legal guarantees. Its use allows to avoid situations of vulnerability that damage the reputation of organisations and generate alarm in the market.

The qualified electronic signature, also called a recognized signature, represents by law the highest level of legal protection and legal certainty and with evidentiary burden in litigation without the need to provide greater evidence.

Advantages of the qualified electronic signature of Uanataca

  • It is easy to integrate into any flow or process

    Versatile electronic signature services that are easy to integrate into processes and flows through a powerful API.

  • Computer, Tablet, Mobile, API

    Electronic signature from any device, easy, fast and online.

  • Complete digital transformation with maximum legal guarantees

    Implement processes of dematerialisation and digital transformation in your organization in an easy manner and with the maximum legal guarantees.

  • Centralised and local certificates

    Electronic signature with remote keys and certificates, on smartcards and USB / Bluetooth tokens.

  • Legal compliance

    The qualified electronic signature represents the maximum guarantee in the ranking of electronic signatures according to Regulation (EU) Nº 910/2014 and ETSI and international rules.

How does the qualified signature work?

In Uanataca we debunk the idea that the qualified electronic signature is difficult to use.

We offer a wide range of possibilities for your organisation, designed for quick, intuitive and easy use adapted to each scenario.

Casos de uso de la firma electrónica cualificada Casos de uso de la firma electrónica cualificada

Cases of use of the qualified electronic signature

The electronic signature is essential in the digital transformation processes, making life more comfortable for thousands of people and promoting the digitisation of hundreds of companies by electronically signing their documents. Since the validation of electronic invoices, labour contracts, orders from suppliers, delivery notes, credit authorisations, account opening, informed medical consent, insurance policies, etc. Discover how to boost your business with the electronic signature.

Use cases by sector
How to start?

How to start?

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Uanataca's Guarantees

  • Comfortable

    At Uanataca we make it easy for you to take advantage of our service from day one, with no investment costs or high service fees.

  • Easy to integrate
    Easy to integrate

    A powerful high-level API to integrate the issuance of digital certificates and the electronic signature in flows and processes of your company to advance in the digital transformation.

  • Insurance

    With our service, you can remain stress free because your documents will have the utmost confidentiality, security guarantees and protection thanks to the integrated and audited services under the European eIDAS regulation and the ISO27001 standard.

  • Legal

    Uanataca is a Qualified Trust Services Provider in accordance with European Union Regulation No 910/2014 regarding electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (eIDAS).