Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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PKI aaS Hosting

What is the PKI Hosting service?

The PKI Hosting service is the Uanataca service to become a Trust Service Provider, including the Uanataca technological infrastructure for the provision of trust services in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation and the accreditation process. Uanataca offers a complete suite of functionalities that allow the immediate implementation of a PKI without infrastructure investment, scalable and low consumption for the issuance, custody and use of digital certificates, as well as services for issuing qualified electronic time stamps.

What does the service include?

A complete service is provided that includes the qualification consultancy as a Trust Service Provider, the public key infrastructure of Uanataca, the certification audit and the accompaniment before the National Supervisor.

  • Professional services to adapt to the regulatory framework.
  • Audit and conformity assessment program.
  • Commissioning of the trust service.
  • Maintenance and technical support.
  • Accompaniment in the administrative accreditation procedure.
What services can Uanataca accredit in Europe?

The qualified trust services that Uanataca can accredit are:

  • Service for issuing qualified electronic certificates for electronic signature.
  • Service for issuing qualified electronic certificates for electronic seal.
  • Service for issuing qualified electronic time stamps.
What technological infrastructure does Uanataca have?

Uanataca provides a public key infrastructure stored in a state-of-the-art Data Processing Center located in Barcelona (Spain).

  • Location and safe construction of the facilities.
  • Physical security and physical access control.
  • Electricity and air conditioning.
  • Controls for exposure to water.
  • Fire prevention and protection.
  • Media storage.
  • Waste treatment.
  • Backup offsite.
How can my organisation benefit from being a Trust Service Provider?

Accreditation as a Trust Service Provider is a differentiating element compared to other economic operators, which guarantees both the company itself and its customers, a guarantee, security and integrity seal in the provision of certification services, whose recognition extends beyond the national territory, extending to the entire European Union.

Is the cost of auditors for eIDAS accreditation included?

The service offered by Uanataca is a complete service that includes the hiring of an accredited audit team or "Conformity Assessment Body (CAB)", as well as consultancy and face-to-face tasks during the execution of the evaluation, providing the presentation of the services, security measures and explanation of the technical systems, as well as a list of evidences to guarantee a satisfactory evaluation.

If our company has the ISO 27001 certification, does it help in the accreditation process?

The ISO 27001 certification facilitates the adoption of common and transversal security measures that must be implemented by the client as a Certification Service Provider regardless of the trust service to be qualified, speeding up the accreditation process.

I have some doubts about the service. Who can I talk to to solve them?

Call us at +34 935 272 290 or contact us via email Depending on the doubt, the sales, the technician or the operations team will answer you.