Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We solve all your doubts about digital certificates and electronic signatures

One-Shot Signature

What is the One-Shot Signature service?

To make an electronic signature we need a digital certificate and an electronic signature application. For this, Uanataca has created the One-Shot Signature service for the signing of transactions, which in a single step and through a single API, generate a single-use digital certificate which electronically signs with said certificate all the PDF documents that have sent in the transaction.

To ensure the security of the signature, as with the secret codes we receive by SMS when we do internet banking, digital certificates are only valid for use in a single transaction. By integrating the One-Shot Signature API into your application you can have your customers, employees, suppliers or partners sign electronically without losing the current user experience and with the maximum guarantees of the qualified electronic signature.

In what processes of my organization can I use the One-Shot Signature service?

In all the processes of the organisation where your customers, suppliers, employees or partners have to sign any type of contract. Some of the sector cases

  • Companies: Signing of employment contracts, Signing of payroll, Signing of occupational risk prevention, Signing of employment contracts
  • Banking and Fintech: opening of bank accounts, signing of consumer loans, signing of credit conditions, signing of financial products
  • Insurance: contracting policies
  • Telcos: signing of the line registration contract, card assignment signature
  • Health: Signature of contracts and authorisations
How does the service guarantee the confidentiality of the documents to be signed?

Through the virtual machine that we deliver and install in your infrastructure, we guarantee the confidentiality of the information to be signed. The original documents are sent to the virtual machine, then it makes the calculation of the hash (mathematical algorithm that transforms data blocks into a new series of characters) and is sent to the Uanataca service where the pure electronic signature is produced . It is materially impossible to reconstruct the original document from the hash. Once the signed hash returns to the virtual machine, the electronically signed document is composed there. The original information never leaves your infrastructure.

What legal validity do the signatures made with One-Shot Signature have?

The One-Shot Signature service produces qualified electronic signatures. It is according to the eIDAS regulation, the highest level of electronic signatures and they enjoy the maximum legal guarantees.

How do I know how many One-Shot Firm I have made in a period of time?

Through a web application that Uanataca puts at your disposal, you will be able to know at all times and in real time the amount of One-Shot Signatures that you have made.

How does billing service work?

Pre payment: By buying in bulk, you will pay in advance based on the amount purchased.Post payment: The amount you have consumed is counted on the last day of each month and will be invoiced over the past month.

We need to integrate Signature One-Shot in the applications we develop for our clients. Do you have favorable price list to integrators?

Yes, we have a special offer for those integrators who wish to implement One-Shot Signature in their applications. We give you fast and personalised support so that integration is easy and fast.

We are services distributors. Does Uanataca have a distributor price list?

Yes, we have a price list of distributors who wish to resell the service. Contact us for more information.

How do I hire the service?

Get in touch with our sales department by calling us at +34 935 272 290 or by email, indicate your needs and we will make you a personalised offer at the moment

How can I implement the One-Shot Signature service?

Once the service is contracted, Uanataca will send you all the instructions and will give you the necessary support to integrate the One-Shot Firm in your business processes.

I have some doubts about the service. Who can I talk to to solve them?

Call us at +34 935 272 290 or contact us via email Depending on the doubt, the sales, the technician or the operations team will answer you.