Firma One-Shot: the single-use signature

Firma One-Shot: the single-use signature

Streamline your business processes quickly and legal with digital signature

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What is the One-Shot Signature?

The One-Shot Signature is Uanataca's exclusive solution designed to facilitate interaction with your digital client, forget about complex processes and discover a new way to integrate the digital signature into your digital processes without altering the user experience.
A solution designed to allow the complete incorporation of new clients successfully, wherever they are and in just few minutes without needing a digital certificate previously.

Without subscriptions, easy and fast integration with the full guarantee of a Qualified Trust Service provider.

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Advantages of the One-Shot signature over other solutions

  • Fast implementation with our API in any flow or process

    One-Shot Signature facilitates the automation of processes through integration via API allowing the incorporation of the signature process into corporate applications or document flow.

  • Muti-platform and operating system agnostic

    The One-Shot Signature service is muti-platform. It can be used from PCs, tablets or smartphones, offering an easy and intuitive user experience without needing to install any additional application.

  • Legal guarantee of a Qualified Trust Service provider

    The One-Shot Signature guarantees all the main national and international security standards and compliance with eIDAS and GDPR.

    Muti-platform and operating system agnostic
  • 100% online contracts, agile and paperless

    The One-Shot Signature service is the most appropriate solution to complete the digitization of contracts and improve the experience of your clients with maximum legal and judicial guarantees.

How to start?

Your digital signature solution for contracts or documents through quick implementation with the One-Shot signature API.

  • Define signature flows
    Define signature flows

    Determine the interactions in your processes, taking advantage of our customized support.

  • Test environment
    Test environment

    We have a test environment, unlimited and free.

  • Quick and easy implementation
    Quick and easy implementation

    Our complete documentation and support facilitate the quick and effective integration.

  • Fully customizable
    Fully customizable

    The One-Shot signature API provide you complete independence for the signing experience, not affecting the user interface or condition the process flow.

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Know the most common applications of the One-Shot Signature

Two electronic signature levels that suit your needs

One-Shot Signature service
Binding of the signatory
Ease of use and integration
Without installing apps
Cloud security without a card
Validate over time
Long-Term Signature
Maximum legal guarantees
Reversal of the burden of proof
Equivalent to handwritten signature

Uanataca's Guarantees

  • Comfortable

    At Uanataca we make it easy for you to take advantage of our service from day one, with no investment costs or high service fees.

  • Easy to integrate
    Easy to integrate

    A powerful high-level API to integrate the issuance of digital certificates and the electronic signature in flows and processes of your company to advance in the digital transformation.

  • Insurance

    With our service, you can remain stress free because your documents will have the utmost confidentiality, security guarantees and protection thanks to the integrated and audited services under the European eIDAS regulation and the ISO27001 standard.

  • Legal

    Uanataca is a Qualified Trust Services Provider in accordance with European Union Regulation No 910/2014 regarding electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (eIDAS).