Time stamping: certify the moment

Time stamping: certify the moment

Make your digital documents an irrefutable proof thanks to Uanataca's qualified time stamp

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What is time stamping? What is time stamping?

What is time stamping?

The Uanataca qualified time stamp service allows you to certify the date and time reliably, allowing you to prove the existence of a digital document at a precise time and also guarantee the integrity of the information contained.

The time stamp serves to generate legal evidence, for example, to date an electronic signature, to validate the time of receipt of an electronic transaction, to certify bank transactions or to establish the date of issue on an electronic invoice.

The certified timestamps increase the security of electronic signatures by providing the document with a reliable date and time.

What advantages does it have and what is the time stamp for?

  • Maximum legal guarantees

    The qualified time stamp is the only one that has full legal value, with reversal of the burden of proof, as required by the European Regulation 910/2014.

  • Easy and fast integration into any flow or process through our API

    Integrating the time stamp service into your internal processes is extremely simple, invoking time stamps through an https interface. Time stamping is essential in processes where the constancy of the exact moment becomes very important.

  • Payment per use

    Zero investment costs.

  • Digital transformation in your organisation with full legal guarantees

    Not all time stamping solutions provide adequate legal and safety guarantees. The Uanataca service allows you to implement processes of dematerialisation and digital transformation in your organization in an easy way and with the maximum legal guarantees.

  • Time stamping for long-term electronic signatures

    The time stamping service provides long-term electronic signatures with a qualified and reliable service.

How does it work?

Certify the date and time of your documents and transactions with time stamps with full legal validity.

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    Send the documents to be sealed

    Load the documents to be sealed.

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    Time stamping

    Uanataca is a Certification Service Provider that acts as a trusted third party offering qualified time stamps.

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    Download the sealed documents

    The time stamp guarantees the integrity of all the data that forms part of the document.

Send the documents to be sealed Send the documents to be sealed
Time stamping Time stamping
Download the sealed documents Download the sealed documents
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How to start?

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Uanataca's Guarantees

  • Comfortable

    At Uanataca we make it easy for you to take advantage of our service from day one, with no investment costs or high service fees.

  • Easy to integrate
    Easy to integrate

    A powerful high-level API to integrate the issuance of digital certificates and the electronic signature in flows and processes of your company to advance in the digital transformation.

  • Insurance

    With our service, you can remain stress free because your documents will have the utmost confidentiality, security guarantees and protection thanks to the integrated and audited services under the European eIDAS regulation and the ISO27001 standard.

  • Legal

    Uanataca is a Qualified Trust Services Provider in accordance with European Union Regulation No 910/2014 regarding electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (eIDAS).