We have a new website !

Good news ahoy! As from this month our new Uanataca developers website is available. It is a more efficient and modern tool, with renewed contents and useful information to ease the integration of business applications to Uanataca services. All by means of our RESTful APIs.
We invite you to explore our released Discover its benefits and new features that we’re sure you’ll get delighted! 

All documentation at hand with an intuitive design

One of the main goals of our website redesign has been the improvement of the user experience, ensuring easy access to each API’s related documentation. On the website you will find important information associated to service configuration and performance, as well as technical references that make possible the integration.

Our documentation is presented to the reader by means of a schematic structure that contains a detailed description of the purpose of each service and its operation via API. In some cases, the integration will require the installation and/or configuration of additional components for which their purpose, usage and the step-by-step to follow for their correct activation are explained.

Moreover, in order to facilitate the exploration of the APIs as a previous stage to formal development, we provide download links with Postman collections and environment variables that include all API calls for each service. This tool is highly useful throughout the testing stage.

Don’t miss a step! Workflows and video tutorials

At Uanataca there is a clear goal to achieve. We want to ease the developer's work to the fullest. For this reason, all our presented contents are enhanced with diagrams, images, command lines, among other resources, helping to identify every single stage and/or element that takes part in the different processes.

For a good development it’s essential to understand enough the step-by-step about the execution of each process: document signing, validation, generation of certificates, etc. This is the reason why we provide complete flow charts that we consider have a tremendous value, especially for those APIs that present more complex functionalities. But wait, there is more!

For this new website we decided to take a step further by including a set of video tutorials for each API, boosting our content with detailed explanations of the steps to follow in the execution of a huge variety of procedures.

API References: In-Detail Call Documentation

The following is the API documentation section related to the calls, where all of them are shown with technical detail. We sort calls into categories, this is, according to their function at every stage of the process.

Each call presents both input and output parameters schematically, organizing them by location (query, path, header, body) and their data type (integer, string, boolean, ...). In the same way, each piece of data contains a brief description with information associated with its use, including its “required parameter” condition.

We document all possible responses that each of our APIs can generate. In this way we guarantee developers full knowledge of the causes that can lead to a call crash. Response codes (200, 201, 404, 500...) are considered, along with the output variable list including their type and description. In addition, sample answers are shown with similar information to what can be found by any standard user. 

Stop worrying about code: Source code samples

RESTful APIs are connection interfaces between applications following the HTTP standard, as there is simply a generated request with a subsequent response associated. This represents an unquestionable easier implementation, once the programming language to be used for establishing this connection is defined.

However, at Uanataca we know that integration duties are always prone to cause some difficulties. On the other hand, our experience tells us that creating the source code required to make our APIs work may sometimes represent this little obstacle. 

Thus, to facilitate development work and reduce unnecessary delay times in creating source codes, we make code samples available for each call in different languages, including widely used options like Curl, JavaScript or Python, also adding real input parameters and always being consistent with the provided response examples. With this, we offer a support tool we consider complete enough to make integration become a true outstanding experience.

In conclusion, at Uanataca we are totally aware of the importance of an agile API integration process without delays. Only by providing the most complete API documentation for developers, we guarantee such a level of fluidity that will significantly reduce support times currently dedicated to the transfer of lots of technical information. But now, this new website makes all necessary resources available to our users so they can progress in a much more autonomous way. Simply...evolution.

Developer, what are you waiting for? Visit, check out our contents and go through a unique API integration experience!   

¿Qué esperas, Developer?  ¡Visita 👉🏻, descubre nuestros contenidos y vive una experiencia única de integración a nuestras APIs!   

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