Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal by Video Identification: get it now from any EU country and register at EPREL

Since March 18, it has been mandatory in Europe for all suppliers subject to energy labeling regulations to verify their digital identity in the EPREL product database through a Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal. However, some European countries do not have Qualified Providers issuing such certificates.

If you have not yet verified your identity in EPREL we explain you how you can get the Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal from any EU country, without taking an appointment or moving from your current location

All suppliers who want to introduce their energy-related products in the EU market must be accredited by EPREL

In order to improve the integrity, identity and reliability of the information provided, the EU is promoting different measures that affect all suppliers - manufacturers, importers or authorized representatives - of products that require the EU energy label.

In March 2021, the new energy labeling for household appliances and other equipment came into force. The rescaling of the energy rating of the new labeling makes room for new technological developments in the most efficient classes and broadens the range of consumer choice. 

One year after the labeling change, in March 2022, the European Commission has published a new update. This measure obliges all suppliers who want to sell their products in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Northern Ireland market to have a Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seals (QSealC) to identify themselves and register their products on the EPREL platform.

EPREL will verify the following elements:

- the existence of the supplier;
- that the supplier is established in the EU/EEA or Northern Ireland;
- the right of the person signing to act on behalf of the supplier.

Those suppliers with products registered on the platform that have not yet verified their identity will be categorized as "unverified supplier". The European Commission will soon block the registration of any new models or products by unverified suppliers, with the possibility of having their sales in the European Economic Area (EEA) blocked.

As with suppliers already registered, any new supplier who whish to register in EPREL to start distributing its products in the European market, is required to verify its identity with a Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seals.

How can I become a verified supplier in EPREL? 

The new update of the European Commission affects all suppliers subject to energy labelling regulation equally, whether they are already registered or want to register for the first time in EPREL.. In both cases, in order to become a verified supplier it is mandatory to have a Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal.

This type of qualified digital certificates can only be issued by a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) in accordance with the European Union Regulation No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (eIDAS). Despite the mandatory nature of the measure, in some EU countries there is no QTSP issuing this type of certificates. This is the case, for example, in countries such as Denmark, Sweden or the United Kingdom, where it is practically impossible to obtain a Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal. 

Uanataca is a QTSP certified according to eIDAS to issue, to all European suppliers who want to be verified in EPREL their own Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal valid throughout the EU.

 📢 Take action now: get now your Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal and become a verified supplier!

Don't let your sales be blocked. If you are a supplier of energy products you will be able to get the Qualified E-Stamp Certificate from any country of the European Union by Video Identification. 

Who can apply for the Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal? 

It can be requested by the legal representative of the company or any member of the company with sufficient authority to request the certificate.

If you need advice on the process or other questions, contact us and book an appointment with our specialists. You can also consult the required documentation here.

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